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(April 1998)


The B03-98 cruise was carried out by the Marine Research Institute (MRI) on the RV Bjarni Sæmundsson with the following hydrographic aims included in a fishery research survey:

  1. Attempt to carry out additional hydrographic investigations on the standard section northwest of Iceland (Kögur section), which due to the drift-ice condition was incomplete during the earlier B02-98 cruise. The work included CTD-casts.


The RV Bjarni Sæmundsson left Reykjavik harbor at 2000 hours on the 2nd of April 1998 for the B03-98 cruise. A total number of 11 CTD-stations were occupied during the 5 days long cruise (see CTD-stations list and Figure 1). The attempted to get a more complete Kögur section failed due to the still severe drift-ice conditions in the area. Instead the Djúpáll section was occupied to the south of the Kögur section plus a number of random positioned station in the area near to the Kögur section (see Figure 1). The ship arrived to Reykjavik harbor at 2000 hours on April 7th 1998.


The hydrographic work was carried out with a CTD-water sampling unit equipped with a Seabird Inc. SBE 911plus CTD's. The unit, a MRI made rosette equipped with modified Hydro-Bios 1.7 liter water bottles and a General Oceanics underwater unit, was used for all standard CTD stations. The CTD unit was equipped with newly calibrated temperature and conductivity sensors and water samples were collected at deepest sampling level on all stations for calibration purposes.

CTD (SBE 911plus CTD System) Sensor Status.

	    Temp. Calibr.  Cond. Calibr.
	   sensor date    sensor date

Unit A       2021 22-01-98  1643 16-01-98


As seen from the cruise narrative above the goal of the cruise was not quite achieved due to weather conditions (see list of stations and cruise track-Figure 1).

The warm saline Atlantic Water was found off the Northwest Peninsula covered by low saline Polar Water in the uppermost 100 m along with the drift-ice conditions.

Preliminary TS-diagrams from the Djúpall and Kögur sections show the results above. In addition are preliminary potential temperature and salinity sections shown for Djúpáll (Pot. Temp. and Salinity) and Kögur ( Pot. Temp. and Salinity) sections respectively.

For location of these sections see Figure 1 and the station numbers.


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